Bronze & Go! offers Pro Tan® professional airbrush tanning services at many local, state, & national level NPC & IFBB Pro Bodybuilding, Fitness, Physique, Figure, & Bikini competitions.

Once all your tanning is done the final step is to apply Show Shine® or Muscle Juice® for that maximum stage glow. These products will be applied just prior to going on stage.

The number of applications you need depends on how dark your natural skin tone is, how dark you want to be, how well your skin absorbs the color and whether or not you come with any coats of Pro Tan® already on.


Typically bikini/figure/fitness/physique competitors with light to medium skin tone need 2 applications. For bodybuilders, we recommend 3 applications. More than 2 coats in one day is not recommended & usually does not get you any darker.

Starting 2 days before your show is ideal. If tanning is available on Thursday and Friday at your event we recommend 1 application on Thursday and 1 application on Friday as needed. If you are only able to tan the day of your show, we recommend applying a coat of Pro Tan® by hand before you arrive.